AI-Powered Domain Name Discovery.

Domains are more than web addresses; they’re the start of your brand’s story. With NeuraName, AI sharpens your search, finding a name that fits just right.

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Domains are more than web addresses

They’re the first chapter in your brand’s story. With NeuraName, that story begins intelligently. Dive deeper than standard searches. Experience a journey where data meets intuition, crafting a name that resonates, illuminates, and defines your brand’s narrative.

DNS and ENS Search

DNS and ENS Search

Seamlessly search for both traditional DNS domains and Ethereum Name System domains with precision and speed.

AI Name Generation

AI Name Generation

Let our advanced AI algorithms suggest unique and memorable domain names tailored for your brand or project.

Favorite Names

Favorite Names

Found a domain you love? Save it to your favorites and access it anytime. Keep track of potential names for your next venture.

Dive Deeper with Advanced Features.

NeuraName doesn't just find you the perfect domain; it becomes your comprehensive naming companion. From exploring every TLD to directly engaging with ENS domain owners, every feature is crafted to empower your domain search journey

  • Discover Every TLD

    Broaden your horizon by searching across all available Top-Level Domains. Your ideal domain could be just one TLD away.

  • Revisit Your Searches

    Never lose track of that perfect name. View your recent search history and pick up right where you left off.

  • ENS Name Resolution

    Venture into the decentralized web. Resolve Ethereum Name Service (ENS) names and access detailed ENS profiles seamlessly.

  • Bid via ENS.Vision

    Found an ENS name that caught your eye? Place an offer directly through ENS.Vision and secure your decentralized identity.

  • Pick Your Registrar

    Stay in control. When a domain name is available, choose from your preferred domain registrar for seamless registration.

  • Auto-link to DomainAgents

    If your desired domain is taken, we’ve got you covered. Get an automatic link to DomainAgents and place an offer without missing a beat.

Unlock Your Perfect Domain Now!

Why wait to make your digital mark? Dive into NeuraName and let our AI-driven search guide you straight to your ideal domain. Discover, bid, and secure – all within a sleek app experience. Download now and embark on your naming adventure!

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Choose Your Path to Domain Name Mastery.

Whether you're just dipping your toes into the vast sea of domain possibilities or are ready to dive deep with unparalleled search capabilities, we have a plan tailored for you.



Perfect for those just starting their domain journey.

  • Unlimited DNS Search
  • Unlimited Ethereum Name System Search
  • Favorites Synced to iCloud
  • Basic AI Name Generation
Get started for free

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For the serial entrepreneur and domain enthusiast looking to elevate their search experience.

  • Premium AI Name Suggestions
  • Brand Pitch Generation
  • Domain Data Insights
  • Name Favoriting Priority Support
  • Faster Search Speeds
  • Early Access to New Features

Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • How does NeuraName help me find domain names?

      NeuraName leverages advanced algorithms to search and suggest domain names based on your input. Our platform scans through available domain names and even suggests alternatives that might resonate with your brand or idea.

    • Why are there links to other domain registrars on NeuraName?

      While NeuraName is not an ICANN registrar, we collaborate with reputable domain registrars to provide a seamless domain registration experience for our users. Once you find your perfect domain, we direct you to our trusted partners to complete the registration process.

    • Is my search history stored or shared?

      Your recent search history is only stored temporarily to enhance your user experience, allowing you to revisit domain names you have shown interest in. We respect your privacy and never share this information with third parties.

    • What are ENS names and how can I use them?

      ENS stands for Ethereum Name Service, a decentralized domain naming system for the Ethereum blockchain. With NeuraName, you can search for ENS names, see the ENS profile, and even place an offer on an ENS name.

    • How does the DomainAgents feature work?

      If your desired domain name is taken, NeuraName offers an automatic link to DomainAgents. This service assists in reaching out to the domain owner and making an offer to acquire the domain. DomainAgents will send an email on your behalf, acting as a mediator in the negotiation process.

    • Are there any fees associated with NeuraName?

      NeuraName offers a free version for users. However, if you are interested in more advanced features, we do offer a Pro version at a competitive price. Any external registration or bidding fees through our partners are separate and may vary.

    • How often is NeuraName updated with new domain availability?

      We continuously update our platform to reflect the latest domain name availabilities. Our advanced algorithms ensure that you always get up-to-date information when you search.

    • Can I use NeuraName for bulk domain searches?

      Absolutely! NeuraName is designed to handle both individual and bulk domain name searches. Whether you are scouting a single domain or several, our platform will efficiently guide you through the process.

    • Do you offer customer support?

      Yes, we pride ourselves on our dedicated customer support. If you have questions, concerns, or feedback, feel free to reach out, and our team will be more than happy to assist you.